Train smarter, not harder
Enjoy the triathlon lifestyle
Increase your speed—and your fun!
Stay injury free
Balance triathlon with work and family
Full triathlon coaching for beginners to Kona qualifiers.

Run technique lessons to help you get faster and stay injury free.

One-on-one bike coaching.

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Brian understands the science behind each workout. He breaks it down and applies it to my training for the week so that I don’t have to...

- Mary Schmitz
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We offer customized, personal attention that no one else does. You've probably compared us to other coaches. They all offer excellent service. But none give the personal attention that we do.
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Learn more about the athletes we coach, their racing success, and
their training.

This month read
about Adrianne
Campbell and her
Ironman journeys.
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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
We'll teach you habits to eat healthy, lose weight and keep it off forever.

Eat smarter, race faster, and have more energy and confidence!
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Run Technique and Biomechanics


Bike Handling Skills